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Super Bowl Bingo – Free Printable

You ready for the big game on Sunday? We finally have our menu planned, we’re getting together with some amazing friends and most importantly we are prepared with some great games and activities for the kids!

I don’t know about you, but this year I don’t want to miss out on the big moments of the game, the half-time show, and of course the commercials (my favorite part) because I’m chasing after kids, stopping fights or trying to get them more food. So, this year I thought of a way to get the kids more involved with the game so we can both enjoy it and still capture those fun game-time moments.

If you think we’re taking a break from getting the kids to learn, think again! The Super Bowl creates a fun opportunity to keep your child’s mind active and boost that brain activity. And, after all, we will be playing these games at our Super Bowl party so why can’t you join in on the fun? That is why we created our very FIRST Super Bowl Bingo game that you can print and bring with you to your family parties.

All you have to do is bust out the cheerios, print off a few copies for the younger kids and the growing teens, and you are in business. You can even bring some prizes for the winners.

Super Bowl Printables

Just click on the image below to download your copy and you’re set to go with your game plan for the kids. If the adults want to join in too, I promise we won’t tell (wink wink).

super bowl printables, free printable, super bowl

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