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Feeding the Brain Water for Academic Success

Benefits Water Has on the Brain

The dry scratchy feeling at the back of your throat, your tongue feels like a giant cotton ball in your mouth. You swallow, but it doesn’t help the burn in your throat go away. We have all felt the pains of thirst at some point in our lives, whether that is from playing a sport or just not getting enough water throughout the day. Water is an important source of energy not just for us, but also for our kids.

Brain Benefits of WaterFact: Hydration is critical for cleansing our bodies of toxins, maintaining high energy, and keeping our immune systems strong. Why is water so much better at maintaining a healthier body than other drinks? The human body, full grown, is about 50 to 60 percent water. Water is a fundamental part of human beings.

For your kids, it can sometimes be hard to get them to drink the amount of water they need to not only function, but to be able to learn in school to their full capacity. Kids want to drink all those fruity and sweet drinks, not bland water.

Water is more important than we realize, especially when it comes to learning every day. Our brain is made up of 70 percent of water so our child’s brain relies on water to function properly.

benefits of water

This is why we are constantly having our students hydrate themselves after each activity. We need to continue fueling that brain for higher learning. Water can prevent mental fatigue in the classroom, problems with processing what the teacher says, mood swings and premature aging of the mind. By giving your child just a little more water each day, they will concentrate better at school, remember more facts and details, have better sleeping patterns and it will regulate their emotions. More importantly, research shows if your child drinks more water their brain will perform better on tests and exams.

So how do we get our kids to drink what they see as “bland” water compared to their yummy Capri Sun? Well, here are three ways to get your kids wanting to drink more water. Why not, right, if it helps them in their learning environment?

Rise and Shine

Drink water first thing in the morning. After a long night of not having water, our body needs a little something to get us going in the morning. Leave a cup of water by your child’s bedside, and leave a cup in their bathroom. When they walk into the kitchen for their breakfast in the morning, hand them another cup of water. Getting that cup of water, even if it’s a little bit, goes a long way in the morning.

It’s Fruity Delicious

Add some fruit in your child’s water to sweeten it up. You can either put the fruit directly in their cup or put them in ice cubs to make it colorful and fun. Your child is not only drawn to how it tastes, but what it looks like. Fruit can really make it look pretty enough to drink a full gallon. Kids can also create their own flavors from just about anything and everything. A strawberry watermelon mix is delicious and refreshing, or even an orange or lemon concoction. Why not try out some mint leaves or cucumber like you find at the spa?

benefits of water

Water Bottles

Invest in a good water bottle for your child. Buying your child their own water bottle is a great way to get them excited about carrying their water around if they have a bottle with Baymax on it or Hello Kitty. Water bottles also make it easy for you to pack on the go and provides kids with a way to keep water with them at all times throughout the day. Plastic water bottles are good for a one-time use, but there is no real way to clean them and guarantee that they are safe for your child after a first time use. If you are looking for a good water bottle, Camelbak is a good brand to try because they sell water bottles in all sizes. They also have some that have an insulator so the condensation doesn’t go everywhere and there are water bottles with filters to ensure tap water is clean for your child. You can also go to a local running store or sporting goods store for more good options. There are so many different brands out there that are worth the purchase to maintain your child’s health.

Water Benefits

Remember, your child’s body runs on water for more than just their daily functions in life; water helps them learn better. It helps their cognitive skills stay balanced, which prepares them for optimal learning. Water allows our children to grow and learn with the best possible strength and health.

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6 thoughts on “Feeding the Brain Water for Academic Success”

  1. Heather

    We pretty much only drink water here – and green smoothies! My kids have water bottles that they are constantly using all day every day. I can definitely see a difference when they have left their water bottles upstairs in the morning, and haven’t bothered to get them. I still have to remind them to take water breaks sometimes, but they are doing much better at it (they are 6 & 4). Great tips!

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