Jennifer Aniston Dyslexia

Who’s That Celebrity: Jennifer Aniston

Living with Dyslexia

We know her for the infamous show Friends as Rachel. She has been one of the greatest actresses of this generation. For Jennifer Aniston though, it hasn’t always been easy.

Jennifer Aniston Dyslexia

It wasn’t until her early twenties that Aniston found out she had dyslexia. In school she never thought she was smart, and as a result, adapted an innate humor that she has used in her career. After graduating and finding out that she had dyslexia, her perspective on life changed. She now understood why she wasn’t good at school and that there was something she could do to make a good life for herself.

Children who struggle with dyslexia have difficulty with reading, but is not a vision problem like many people think. Dyslexia is a learning disability that affects the way the brain processes written and spoken language. Children with dyslexia can have trouble with writing, spelling and even speaking, not just reading. Even though there are many challenges that come with dyslexia, children and adults can function normally in daily life and in their careers. With the right intervention, dyslexic symptoms can be improved.

Jennifer Aniston Dyslexia

In 2014, Anison was nominated for best actress for the film Cake, however, before the Oscars started they pulled the show from the nominations, including Aniston’s. It is the film known as being snubbed. However, instead of throwing a fit and being disappointed in herself, Aniston brushed it off and a week after the Oscars she joked about it on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Her humor is what keeps her going in her life. She loves what she does, and though she struggles with many other things besides dyslexia, she tries to keep a healthy and happy life. It isn’t about the fame for her, not for the films and shows she has played in, or the drama of being a celebrity that surrounds her. She simply loves acting and making people laugh or cry.

Jennifer Aniston

It is interesting to consider that no matter what a person struggles with in life, they can be just about anything they want to be in their life. Aniston is such a great example of that. She knew she struggled in school, and in turn, decided what she would do with her life that would make her happy and make a living for herself.

It doesn’t matter what we struggle with in life, we can be anything we want as long as we try our best.

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