Easter Egg Hunt, Sight Words, Comprehension

Sight Words Easter Egg Hunt

Sight Words Easter

Easter is one of my favorite holidays because it means spring is here and warm weather is just around the corner. Now that I am a grandmother, it has even more meaning because I get to plan Easter egg hunts, make Easter baskets for my grandkids and stuff them with treats. However, this year, I’ve decided to do things a bit different. With all the treats from parents, grandparents, friends and neighbors, I figured kids are already getting their dose of candy for the holiday so why not put a personal spin on my egg hunt this year?

Easter Egg Hunt, Sight Words, Comprehension

My cute grandson is just beginning to learn his sounds and letters so he is still pretty young, but it’s never too early to start helping kids recognize sight words. With that in mind, I came up with the idea to do a sight word Easter egg hunt. This activity is really simple and won’t take you any time at all. You can even make it into a treasure hunt if you want and have the sight words tell a story.

Easter Egg Hunt, Sight Words, Comprehension

Keep it Simple

If you want to keep the Easter egg hunt simple, I’ve created a list of sight words you can print and hide in your Easter eggs. After you print the list, cut out the words individually and stuff them in some plastic Easter eggs. Now, the last thing your child wants to find in their Easter egg is a sight word, so include something else in the egg that might be fun like a 50 cent toy or small piece of candy (we highly encourage sensory toys instead of candy if possible).

Easter Egg Hunt, Sight Words, Comprehension

When your kids are ready, let them hunt for the eggs. The catch is, each time they find an egg, have them open the egg and say the sight word. Help them sound the words out if they need help. If they are too excited to open the egg each time they find one, help them go through all the eggs after they have finished the hunt.

Easter Egg Hunt, Sight Words, Comprehension

For a copy of sight words for your kids, click here or click the picture below.

Treasure Hunt

If your child could use a bit more of a challenge, try out the treasure hunt. The treasure hunt not only helps them with sight words, it also helps them with their comprehension because the words will tell a story. Feel free to put your own story together using the sight words above or try these examples below.

Easter Egg Hunt, Sight Words, Comoprehension

Story 1

My / dog / is / brown

He / barks / at / birds

The / birds / fly / away / when / my / dog / barks

When / the / birds / are / gone / my / dog / comes / home

Story 2

I / like / to / hunt / for / eggs

The / eggs / are / pretty

Some / eggs / are / pink / and / yellow

When / I / find / eggs / it / makes / me / happy

To get started, you need to number the eggs so they can find them in order (one number and one word per egg). Help them search for the correct eggs and open them one at a time so the story makes sense. As they find a new egg, help them review the previous sight words so they continue to remember the story. This also helps them repeat the words and picture the story in their mind as they continue the hunt. Remember to include a small toy if possible (maybe one that relates to the story).

Sight Words, Comprehension, Easter Egg Hunt

A sight word Easter egg hunt isn’t the only type of “learning hunt” you can try. If you’d like to incorporate math using addition and subtraction or times tables that works too. Another great Easter egg hunt would be to find fortunes (like the fortunes in fortune cookies) and hide them in the eggs to help improve your child’s reading skills.

Easter Egg Hunt, Sight Words, Comprehension

Give it a shot. Happy Hunting!

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  1. Theresa Sutton

    Love this! These ideas are super creative. I love the fact that the incorporate learning into playing and having fun. This blog is a great resource for moms like me who are preparing to send their little ones of to school! Thanks for sharing!

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