Summer Chores for Everyday Kids | #chores

15 Summer Chores for Everyday Kids

Summer Chores for Kids

Author: Alyssa Craig

For those children who are on break during the school year, summer can quickly become monotonous as they struggle to find ways to fill their agenda. Luckily for you, there are great ways you can put the kids to work that will them fill their time in a meaningful way and help them learn some great skills, including the value of hard work.

Summer Chores for Everyday Kids | #chores

Chores are a great way to not only teach kids skills they will need throughout life, but also to help them take pride in their own home and how they keep it.

Here are some suggestions to add to the chore list this summer. (Be aware of age appropriate levels of participation with each chore.)

Care for Family Pets

Children of all ages can take part in taking care of the family pets. From feeding, bathing, brushing, walking, and simply playing with their animal, kids can learn how to help take care of someone else.

Lawn Work

This should be reserved for children who are a little older. Teach them how to mow and trim the lawn. Be sure to show them tricks for getting around sprinkler heads or tree roots. Avoiding these obstacles may seem intuitive to you, but they might not think of them as they are ill experienced.

Pulling Weeds in Garden

Having your own garden is wonderful, as you have access to fresh fruits and vegetables. However, they can be quite labor intensive. Put your kids to work in helping to take care of it.

Cleaning Ceiling Fans and Light Fixtures

Wipe down all those fans and light fixtures that are often ignored during house cleaning.

Summer Chores for Everyday Kids | #chores


Dust builds up quickly all over the house, especially as more people are home. A good dusting will also help with anyone suffering from allergies.

Wipe Down Baseboards

Give them a rag and some cleaner and let them clean dirt, scuff marks, and whatever else your baseboards have collected over the months.

Wash the Family Car

Get out the buckets, soap and sponges and let the kids go to town cleaning the family car. Kids of all ages can help with most of the car, though some areas like the undercarriage should be left to adults as outlined here.

Cleaning Windows

While older kids can clean the outside windows, most kids can participate in cleaning the windows from the inside, or even both sides of sliding glass doors.

Dejunking Their Own Rooms

Summer is a great opportunity to get rid of all the old school papers they may have accumulated and clothes they have outgrown.

Summer Chores for Everyday Kids | #chores

Deep Clean Bathroom

Pull out everything from cupboards, drawers, shelves, etc. and wipe them all down. Make sure they don’t miss getting behind the toilet! This is also a great time to clean any mold that may be building on the ceiling or walls from humidity.

Organize an Area of the Home

This could be the garage, a room in the basement, the attic, the coat closet or the pantry. Assign each child a space to organize or select an area each week to be the focus.

Clean Beds

Teach your children how to clean their own beds. Depending on their age, they can strip the bed and wash the sheets, put clean sheets on, bleach and wash mattress pads, vacuum the mattress, and wash pillows. Small children can simply learn how to straighten out their bed each morning.

Hand Scrub the Floor

Spray mops and brooms are great, but they are rarely able to do a complete deep cleaning job. There are likely corners that always get missed. After sweeping, have your child get down on hands and knees to really scrub the floors and get them shining.

Plan Family Meals and Help Prepare the Grocery List

Kids can also take part in the meals throughout the summer. Let them choose family meals and help you prepare the grocery list for their meals. If they are older, you can also have them help with the actual grocery shopping and even prepare the meal.

Clean the Vacuum

We often go much longer than we should without cleaning the vacuum. Teach your child how to clean out the filters, the hair that has been wound in the brush, etc.

Summer chores can help your children to stay busy, keep your house clean, and teach them hard work all while they spend time with each other. A great combination indeed!

Summer Chores for Everyday Kids | #chores

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