Math, March Madness

Math Madness: 3 Easy Basketball Steps to Learn Times Tables

Math Madness Let’s get ready to rumble! If you are like me, I get goose bumps just hearing that phrase because it gets me thinking about nachos with melted cheesy goodness, hot dogs, big crowds and above all, March Madness! I love this time of year watching the games and cheering for my teams,…

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Zions Bank Features Integrated Learning Strategies

Zions Bank Community Magazine Features Integrated Learning Strategies

Zions Bank Community Magazine Exciting News! Zions Bank featured our center and community efforts in the Zions Bank Community magazine. As you may know, we were one of six recipients of the Zions Bank Smart Women's grant in 2014 and have worked closely with Zions Bank to promote education and higher learning in the community…

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Development Milestones

The Vital Milestones You Won’t Want Your Child to Miss

Child Development Milestones  As a parent, there are few things more exciting than watching your little ones learn a new skill. We cheer them on for something as simple as reaching for a toy for the first time all the way to taking those first steps and learning to tie their own shoes. It's…

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Creamy Smoothie ADHD

Creamy Orange Dreamy Smoothie for Classroom Attention and Focus

Creamy Orange Dreamy smoothie is protein packed, rich in Vitamin B, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, is tastes amazing! Hi! I am Rachael at Eazy Peazy Mealz, I am excited to be guest posting today and talking about something I love: Adding health to your child's diet with ease! I have a son who is a…

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Cool Math Games

3 Cool Math Games Using Sorting and Organizing Activities

Math Activities: Sorting & Organizing As a mom, the words sorting and organizing make me cringe just a little. It brings to mind things like sorting that pile of laundry that's turned into a replica of Mt. Everest, or organizing that room/cupboard/drawer/enter any place in your house that has become a haven for those…

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St. Patrick's Day Kid Activities

25 St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Kids

St. Patrick's Day Activities I absolutely love St. Patrick's Day! I remember one year when I was about five year's old I forgot to wear my green dress and put on a pink turtle neck and jeans instead and my cousin chased me around pinching me because I forgot to wear green. Needless to…

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benefits of water, benefits of water for the brain, water improves brain

Feeding the Brain Water for Academic Success

Benefits Water Has on the Brain The dry scratchy feeling at the back of your throat, your tongue feels like a giant cotton ball in your mouth. You swallow, but it doesn’t help the burn in your throat go away. We have all felt the pains of thirst at some point in our lives,…

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Zipper Fine Motor Activities, Zipper Fine Motor Activities for Preschool, Fine Motor Activities

What Can a Zipper do for Your Child’s Brain?

Fine Motor Development There is a sense of excitement and definitely an awww moment when we see our little ones develop skills such as grasping treats with their cute little thumbs and fore fingers, using a fork or spoon and learning to zip up their coat. And the triumph that comes when they finally…

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self confidence, self esteem, learning disability

The Most Common Problem that is Not a Learning Disability

Building Self Confidence What do you think the most common problem is when a new child walks into my center? ADHD? Autism? Reading struggles? If you guessed any of these answers, I’m sorry to say, but you are wrong. Let me share a story with you. A few years ago I had a little…

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It isn't enough for a Community to "Raise" a Child, but to also "Educate" a Child. Here's why. | #education

It Takes a Community to “Educate” a Child

Community: "Educate" a Child Moving. As a child, moving to a new home is one of the scariest ideas. We learn to love the place we grew up in, the friends we make and of course the memories we create. As a parent, it can be even more terrifying, especially when the happiness of…

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active for life, physical activity, ADHD

Here’s the parenting miracle that everyone’s been looking for

Guest Blog Post Lori Fireman Here’s the parenting miracle that everyone’s been looking for Most of us parents are familiar with the old “This is Your Brain, This is Your Brain on Drugs” campaign, but if you think that was scary, you should see what your brain looks like when you don’t do enough…

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spatial awareness, learning disabilities

6 Activities to Improve a Child’s Spatial Awareness

Spatial Awareness When I was little, my parents decided to enroll me in soccer, and I’ll be honest, I was terrible at the sport. I was slow and clumsy and could not understand all the positions of the game. When the ball was kicked to me, I’d usually miss as I tried kicking it…

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sensory processing disorders, sensory memory, sensory processing, spd

Sensory Processing: Tantrums, Tags, Sounds, Light Sensitivity

Sensory Processing I'm sure we've all had to spend far more time quelling temper tantrums or trying to subdue unruly behavior than we ever wanted to. But some parents deal with a level of tantrums and behavior that leave them feeling overwhelmed and defeated. It's easy to tell there is something wrong, but it…

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ADHD, learning disability, lazy kids, spd

Is My Child Lazy or is it a Learning Challenge?

Laziness vs. Learning Disability Do you ever feel like you are the older brother in Big Hero 6, Tadashi, who is always trying to get his younger brother, Hiro, to make more of himself and reach his potential? If you are like me and loved that movie, you already know that Tadashi struggled with…

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valentines day, fine motor, kids activities

Valentine’s Day Fine Motor Activities

Valentine's Day Activities Red and pink is everywhere. Hearts of all shapes and sizes line the walls of every store, school hallway and home. It is that time of year where all ages celebrate the meaning of love. Adults go out on special dates, while children get to share their Valentine’s love a little…

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crawling, importance of crawling, importance of crawling before walking

Why Babies Should Never Skip the Crawling Phase

Crawling seems like an infant's rite of passage. It's cute, it's exciting and let's be honest, most of our little ones' first step toward mobility usually follows a slew of phone calls to loved ones and ends up on social media. It's a step we assume every child will take. But with a growing…

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letter writing, writing, letter format

Teaching Letter Formation and Placement

These past few years I’ve done everything in my power to fight this strange new world of “LOL,” “BFF,” “OMG,” and “BRB.” For years I fought with my kids about getting a cell phone and trust me, you’ll never believe how I fought them on text messaging. This whole new world of technology is…

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homework help, parents, homework tips

4 Steps for a Better Homework Experience

Homework. Is that as dirty of a word to you as it's always been to me? Whether it's the lingering nightmares that I forgot that all important project or dreading bringing up the word to my kindergartener, who already gives me all the grief of a teenager, homework can be one of my least…

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super bowl printables, super bowl, free printables

Super Bowl Bingo – Free Printable

You ready for the big game on Sunday? We finally have our menu planned, we're getting together with some amazing friends and most importantly we are prepared with some great games and activities for the kids! I don't know about you, but this year I don't want to miss out on the big moments…

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kendama, winner, living planet aquarium

Living Planet Aquarium Winner

Thank you for joining us at the North Chiropractic Event! We were excited to meet all of you. Stop by and visit our center at the Kaysville SportsPlex anytime! Prize Winner Drum roll please! The winner of our Living Planet Aquarium pass is... Tara McBride Please email us at or give us a…

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speech delays, speech therapy, speech development

Full of Hot Air or Key to Speech Development?

Have you ever had one of those moments when a kid starts chattering away about something they seem to know the world about and you're left with nothing but Marlin's words from Finding Nemo? Pay attention next time. You might find that the babble stems from the overwhelming number of breaths in each sentence…

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parent play, parenting, active kids, social

The Importance of Parent Play

Guest Post – Meagan Forsgren It’s not every day I get to share my personal story of why my Mom makes such a great teacher and mentor for hundreds of children and students who struggle with education and learning disabilities, but the answer is simple. She makes a great teacher because she is a…

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writing, writing efficiency

3 Ways to Improve Writing Efficiency at Home

As a mom, I've had countless opportunities to watch my children discover that even though they played at the park, they sat on their blanket instead of sitted. Children learn to use grammar without ever knowing what it means to conjugate a verb. So why, with all that grammar usage under their belts, is…

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diet, nutrition, raw honey

Raw Honey: Brain-Building Food for More than just Weight-Loss

Over the past few years, as we have talked with friends and family members, I’ve discovered something interesting. More and more people are adding new additions to their family, and I’m not talking about kids. Funny enough, it’s Bees! Now why would more people purchase beehives for their own backyard if those pesky bugs…

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diet, fitness, exercise

Why Kids Need More Enzymes in their Diet

First and foremost, what is an enzyme and why do we care? As we know, better nutrition and healthy eating is important for all children. The numbers in child obesity and learning disabilities are rising and can affect how a child learns and develops. Enzymes are found in the body and in foods that…

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Parenting: Mom, Dad, You’re Fired!

Alarm goes off, late again. Quickly brush your teeth, wake the kids and hurry them into the bathroom. Snap your fingers because they aren’t moving fast enough. Jump in the shower yourself and look in the mirror. Those dark circles didn’t vanish overnight. Pack the kids lunches and make sure their backpacks include last…

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new year goals

3 Educational Goals to Set with Your Kids in the New Year

If you haven't set New Year's goals with your kids in the past, this is a great year to try it out and have some fun with your kids. Setting New Year's resolutions doesn't have to be painful, boring, or a chore. It can actually be a really fun family activity and a way to…

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Sensory Stocking Stuffers for Kids Christmas Stockings | #christmas

The Best Sensory Stocking Stuffers for Kids

Sensory Stocking Stuffers for Christmas Do you know the legend behind the Christmas stocking and why we stuff our stockings filled with goodies each year? It isn't just by chance that on Christmas morning kids wake up to find candy, treats, and toys in their stockings above the fireplace. The legend started way back in…

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christmas symbols

Symbols of Christmas

If we look through a child's eyes at Christmas time, what do you think we would see? Would it be presents under the tree, spying to see Santa's sleigh, or maybe the warm goodies coming out of the oven and the Christmas music playing in the background. We all have memories of what Christmas…

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math, math workshops in kaysville, common core tutors

New Math Workshops

In recent months, we have noticed a drastic increase in students needing help with math. The new Common Core Math standards have thrown many students and parents for a loop and the frustration is an ever-growing concern. While the Common Core Math standards were integrated in schools to help students advance in technologies that…

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parent teacher conference

How to Make Your Parent Teacher Conference More Effective

With the holidays quickly approaching, we are all easily distracted with holiday shopping, school Christmas programs, family gatherings, and preparations for Santa. Between advent calendars, 12-days of Christmas, Elf on a Shelf, and volunteering, it’s no wonder we are ready to pull our hair out by the end of December. And, just to make…

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Polar Express Giveaway

We are so excited for the holidays and the hustle and bustle of Christmas. It definitely is the most wonderful time of the year and we love hearing about the festivities happening in your home and the holiday traditions your families are doing this year. The holiday spirit is in the air and we…

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holiday books, reading

Our Favorite Holiday Book Picks for Your Kids

December has arrived and we are already into the holiday spirit. Tis the season for Santa, giving, snow, candy, lots of food, presents, shopping, and above all, family traditions! When my children were younger, one of our favorite holiday traditions was to read Christmas stories by candlelight. We would wrap up in blankets, snuggle up…

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3 Reasons We Are Thankful for You!

Thanksgiving has finally arrived and this is the perfect opportunity for us to tell you what we are grateful for and say Thank You! It's no secret, this year has been a busy one with many great changes and major milestones. Let's take a look and reflect back to earlier this year... May 2014 -…

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Integrated Learning Strategies

Ditch the Brain Games

Winter has finally arrived, at least for many of us, and you are probably already in holiday mode and looking for great deals on toys, electronics, and games for your kids, or perhaps a niece or nephew. One word of advice this holiday season, ditch the brain games! But why? Brain games are supposed…

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Farmington Station Winners

Congratulations to our Winners at Farmington Station!  If you are one of our Farmington Station winners, contact us at 801-390-0091 or email to claim your prize. Haven't joined us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter? Follow us now for a chance to Win a MegaPlex Movie Package. Click here for the details. Stop by…

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gratitude, turkey, thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Gratitude Gobbler

As the leaves change colors and the air becomes colder, the holiday season begins to take over and we start to get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of shopping, the smell of cinnamon and pumpkin, parties, presents, and FOOD! Thanksgiving is one of the busiest times planning the menu, decorating the table,…

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thanksgiving, gratitude, volunteer

6 Ways to Foster Gratitude this Thanksgiving Season

I don’t know about you, but Thanksgiving happens to be one of my favorite holidays. We tend to overlook Thanksgiving and focus all our efforts on Christmas, but this holiday really allows me to build relationships with my family rather than buying gifts and money. As one of eight children, our holiday gatherings are…

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Nutrition: Smart Eating, Smarter Kids

It's that time where we stuff ourselves with chocolate, delicious desserts, hot coco, and all the candy we can muster. You are probably still suffering from the sugar comatose. That’s why, this time of year is especially important to stay on track, especially when it comes to our kids. However, if you are like me,…

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nutrition week

Nutrition Week: Thai Chicken Quinoa Salad for Young Learners

Since we are focusing all week long on nutrition, we wanted to share with you one of our favorite recipes that  can help improve attention, focus, energy, behavior, and gives our families a little Asian zing. Quinoa, which is becoming a great substitute for white rice, and is high in protein, can keep you…

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7 Super Brain-building Gross Motor Activities for Kids | #kidsactivities

7 Super Brain-building Gross Motor Activities for Kids

7 Super Brain-building Gross Motor Activities for Kids When I first became a new parent, everything was an experiment. I might as well have thrown on a lab coat and bought my own lab with all the bottles I tested and experiments with nightly feeding methods, nap patterns, and eventually tactics to help my…

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11 Fantastic Fine Motor Activities to improve handwriting |

Fine Motor Activities to Jump Start Learning

Fun Fine Motor Activities Your child has entered those critical preschool years and is now well on the path toward Kindergarten. What do you do now? Whether you are a first-time parent or a veteran, finding activities and ideas that can stimulate and prepare your child’s fine motor skills may be trickier than you…

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Imaging Scans Detect Early Signs of ADHD

Don’t you wish you could magically tap into your child’s brain to see what makes them tick? Sometimes, especially when they are young, it would be great to find out what they are thinking, what they want to eat, what to do to make them stop crying, and what’s wrong when they are sick.…

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Good Music Brighter Children: Using Music to Help Learning Disabilities

Helping Kids Achieve Academic Success through Music Some of the most rewarding experiences we have, other than working with our amazing students, is the opportunity to work with organizations and individuals who share our passion for helping kids learn and achieve academic success. That is why we were thrilled when Sharlene Habermeyer, author of Good…

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Bumps on the Brain

One of the most commonly asked questions we get is if children can have trouble learning as a direct result from head injuries. The answer is undoubtedly, yes! As you already know, the brain functions in mysterious ways and can be fragile in its development stages. Between the ages of three and 10, kids…

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Teacher Munch N’ Learn

If you are overwhelmed trying to help each student meet all their educational requirements, we provide services to help teachers with students who are struggling academically. Working to keep parents and students happy while maintaining Utah’s educational standards is hard, especially when it’s beyond your capacity and workload. We give students the extra help…

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real salt lake, reading challenge

Integrated Learning Reading Challenge!

Want Leo the Lion from Real Salt Lake to award your child for reading? Take our reading challenge!Here’s how your child could be one of our lucky winners and meet Leo: Write a one page written summary of why you think reading is important. Draw a picture that shows why reading is important to…

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parenting, parent advice

Testing Evaluation Discount

With 25 to 30 students in one classroom, it's hard for teachers to give your child the one-on-one attention they need, especially if they struggle with basic subjects or if they have a learning disability. Our center is dedicated to helping parents and teachers with students that need programs beyond classroom instruction. Many of…

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Davis County Clipper – ILS Grand Opening

Did you see our learning center's Grand Opening Event was featured in the Davis County Clipper? If you haven't yet, check it out! To read the full article, click here. We are excited to be part of the Kaysville SportsPlex and to help children and families with academic challenges. Stop by our facility any…

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Back to School: Healthy Habits for Children

The kids have their backpacks; check. Pencils, crayons, calculator, notepads, and paper; check, check. Whether this is their first day of kindergarten or their senior year of high school it never gets any easier. Preparing kids for school can be a daunting task, but now that they are back in the classroom, keeping a…

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Grand Open House Winners

We have our winners! Congratulations to all our Grand Opening Event Winners. We hope you enjoy these fun prizes and giveaways with your families. We can't thank you enough for attending our event and hope you will come back to visit us soon. To claim your prize, please email or contact Alene Villaneda at…

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Grand Opening Photo Moments

We'd like to thank all the parents and families who attended our Grand Opening Event. It was wonderful to meet all of you and your amazing kids! Here are some great photos we captured at the event. We hope they all had fun. Come back and see us soon!

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ILS Grand Opening on ABC 4 Utah

Integrated Learning Strategies Grand Opening event was featured on Good 4 Utah. Thank you to all the parents, children, friends, and families that attended the event. To learn more, check out the feature below.  

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In Science: Don't let Your Child Become Shark Bait! 4 Fun Sharky Facts to inspire learning during Shark Week with Kids.

In Science: Don’t let Your Child Become Shark Bait!

Shark Week: Fun Learning Opportunity for Kids It’s no secret that our goal is to get kids learning! So, in honor of Shark Week, we decided to give you some fun scientific facts your kids can sink their teeth into (pun intended). Sharks often get a bad rap, but the fact is, they are…

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Got Marbles on the Brain?

No matter if you are 5 years old or 50 years old, your brain is never too old for learning. Did you know the brain operates on the same amount of power as a 10-watt light bulb? Pretty impressive right! With that said, like any adult, kids get tired of the constant overload of…

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Save the Date! Integrated Learning Grand Opening Event

It's almost here! The day you have all been waiting for. Bring your family and friends and join us at our Grand Opening Event on Saturday, August 16, 2014, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Come try out our new swings, play games, win prizes, and fill up on free pizza, popcorn, and cookies.…

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World Cup Creates Smarter Kids?

World Cup Makes Smarter Kids Olé, Olé, Olé, Olé! The World Cup has everyone excited about soccer. If you are among the many soccer moms and dads sitting at the edge of your seat watching soccer champs around the world, you are no exception. Getting your kids hyped up about soccer is a great…

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6 Summer Activities to Increase Your Child’s Brain Power

If you are trying to find fun activities for your children this summer, but want the extra added bonus of a great brain workout, we have 6 great ideas. These 6 activities can help improve your child’s reading, comprehension, attention, and academic success. Start now and give them that extra brain power before they…

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Welcome to Integrated Learning Strategies

Welcome to our new website! We are excited you came to visit and hope you’ll stop by often to check out our upcoming features and events. There are many fun and exciting announcements coming up and want you to be part of it. Keep checking our blog for the latest and greatest! Kaysville SportsPlex…

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