“The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.” – Mark Doren

The first phase of learning is when a student is exposed to information. Schools, teachers, parents, tutors, and resource programs are all part of scholastic achievement.

To shape and mold the success of a child’s future, we must provide them with the right tools and resources to help them advance in their academic achievement. To accomplish these goals and objectives, instructors can mentor students of all ages in research-based programs that go beyond the standard tutoring methods. Individualized educational interventions, tactical training, and personalized development processes can help children and teens with learning challenges and other academic barriers.

Students who struggle with learning challenges and are enrolled in standard tutoring programs oftentimes progress at a slower rate and can be with the same tutor for many years with little or no progress. It’s important for instructors to support the child’s individual needs, make corrections and adjustments based on the individual, and provide the necessary skills for independence and self-correction. Beyond traditional subject tutoring, the focus and instruction should support the development of processing skills.

Interactions between instructors and students enhance the self-confidence of the student and create opportunities for students to think, reason, and communicate at a higher level that produce superior academic results. While targeting developmental and educational weaknesses, instructors also strengthen other areas of development to ensure the child is never relying solely on their area of weakness, but strengthening the learning areas that are familiar and comfortable for the child.

The emphasis is not only focused on teaching students to overcome learning challenges, but to use their gifts and potential to make learning and academic achievement fun and enjoyable throughout his or her lifetime.

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