Grand Open House Winners

We have our winners! Congratulations to all our Grand Opening Event Winners. We hope you enjoy these fun prizes and giveaways with your families.

We can’t thank you enough for attending our event and hope you will come back to visit us soon.

To claim your prize, please email or contact Alene Villaneda at 801-390-0091.

Want to see pictures of your kids at the event? To see some of our best photo moments at the open house, click here.

Prize Winners

Prize Winner
Discovery Gateway Pass: Paula Zippro
Natural Curiosity Museum Pass: Kristine Dennis
Lagoon Pass: Candace Gipson
Get Air Trampoline Pass: Sarah Borders
Boondocks Pass: Melissa McIntyre
Clark Planetarium: Jamie Wilkerson
Amazon Gift Card: Amy Wilson
Living Planet Aquarium Pass: Kellie Shaw
Cherry Hill Pass: Jileen Hughes
Get Air Trampoline Pass: Ashley Perrenoud
Get Air Trampoline Pass: Chelsea Green
Get Air Trampoline Pass: Matias Carlini
Kaysville SportsPlex – 1 Month Group Training: Nathaniel Von Moore
Kaysville SportsPlex – 1 Month Group Training: Tiffany Eggett
Kaysville SportsPlex – 1 Month Group Training: Heidi Jones
Kaysville SportsPlex – Free Session Pro Trainer: Lindsay Kemeny
Kaysville SportsPlex – Free Session Pro Trainer: Amy Peterson
Kaysville SportsPlex – Free Session Pro Trainer: Patricia Olivera
Get Air Trampoline Pass: Brenda Heslop
Get Air Trampoline Pass: Amy Tovar

Free Group Session

If you liked us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, and signed up for our group session, we will contact you to schedule a date and time. If you still want to participate in this free session, please email

Here is a list of those who signed up:

Free 30 Minute Group Session
Patricia Olivera
Sandra Urie
Tori Boyd
Chelsea Green
Chelsie Draney
Megan Shaw
Amy Wilson
Paula Zippro
Callie Christiansen
Melissa McIntyre
Virginia Wenzel
Rachel Milne
Tiffany Eggett