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Brain Gym exercises, like Hook-Ups, are especially important for children that have Sensory Processing Disorders, high anxiety, meltdowns or great amounts of stress, especially during tests. This activity can calm the body, prevent anxiousness, stress and sensory overload.

Brain Gym exercises, like Brain Buttons, tells the brain it needs to be awake for learning. This is especially helpful for children with attention and focus issues. This activity can help children with focus, attention, fidgeting, following directions, listening to the teacher and executive function.

Brain Gym exercises, like the Cross Crawls, can help stimulate the brain for higher learning. This simple exercise engages the right and left hemispheres of the brain for better auditory processing, comprehension, retention, taking notes and problem solving.

Simple and fun brain break puzzles for teachers and parents to use in at home or in the classroom to help their children learn. Learning activities using movement can ignite the brain for higher learning concepts like reading, writing, math and critical thinking.

Bean bag activities for helping children cross the midline, processing information in the classroom, hand-eye coordination, motor planning, and establishing better attention and focus. Patterning activities increase a student's ability to follow directions, complete tasks, retain information and creates better organization.

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Video of Active Learning Strategies Interview with Fox 13.

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