Braxten has improved so much since starting at Integrated Learning Strategies (ILS). His reading has come a long way and his confidence has grown significantly. I have tried so many tutors and am so thankful to have found Alene. We are so grateful for ILS.


We’re fairly new at ILS, but we are beyond impressed from our first phone call. It doesn’t get sweeter or kinder than with Miss Alene. She was very thorough in her individualized placement testing and explained things so well and clearly. Truly ILS is more than a tutoring program for one specific area. They integrate so many aspects of learning and I am impressed with the science and research they have to back up all that they do. We’re excited to begin this adventure with them.


Kylie fell behind in first grade with her reading and comprehension. After working with ILS, she is now on grade level with both her reading and comprehension. We have seen so much improvement.


When Trey first started at ILS, most people could not understand what he was saying. After working with instructors at ILS, he became much better and he has come so far. He is now working at ILS for reading. Alene is so patient with the kids and they love her.


When we came to ILS we were frustrated and deeply saddened by our experiences with homework and school. It seemed to be causing a major rift in my relationship with my daughter. Within the first week, our daughter’s teacher said she had noticed an increase in her ability to focus. Within the first month she told me Lindsay was like a whole new person. We are so grateful for ILS and the success we have had since coming here. We feel so grateful for their expertise and the patient, kind, and positive atmosphere here. Thanks a million Alene!


We’d like to thank ILS for their programs and all they have done for our son! Will has been working with ILS programs for three months now, and we have seen great improvements in his schoolwork. He went from 1.75’s and 2’s on his first and third term report cards to 2.75’s and 3’s on his 3rd term report cards. The improvement was noticeable and quick for him. The best part about the ILS program is the gain in confidence that Will has shown. He feels so much better about himself and what he can accomplish since he started at ILS.


I noticed that my daughter Abby was struggling in school from about first grade. We went to her teacher asking what we could do to help her in her reading. She gave us many handouts, extra homework, and Internet resources to try. We tried everything and nothing seemed to work. As parents, we were getting frustrated and concerned about Abby’s performance and self-esteem. Second grade came and still there was no help. I asked for her to be tested and the school said it could take up to 3 to 6 months to get her through all the hoops that were in place for their testing.

I decided I couldn’t wait a minute longer. I saw Abby retreat inside herself and it broke my heart. I made an appointment with ILS that week from the urging of my friend. I was amazed at the things that seemed so simple to me were actually hard for her. I knew that Abby needed help, but I needed someone to guide me through this uncharted territory I found myself in. Alene was amazing. She outlined everything for my husband and I. Alene gave us the confidence that finally we would be able to help our daughter succeed in her schooling. Abby was hesitant at first, but the tutors and Alene quickly put her fears to rest. Abby is now in third grade. Her confidence has grown immensely.

At parent teacher conference the teacher is amazed at the leaps and bounds of progress she has made. She is now asking questions in class and participating with confidence. She is a hard worker and even though I know she has come a long way and we still have a ways to go, Abby doesn’t get frustrated or withdrawn anymore. ILS has finally released the confidence I knew my daughter had all along. I am convinced that if we had not found ILS, I would still be up at night stressing about what I could do to help my daughter. I would recommend, and I have recommended this program, to anyone who has felt the same way. If you have similar struggles or concerns with your child, talk with ILS about it and find your answers from this amazing program. Thanks Alene!


Our son Will was below grade level in reading. We knew he was capable of higher scores and that he had the potential to be a better reader. I was doing all I could at home, but he wasn’t improving like we wanted. Based on recommendations, we brought him to ILS. He was reading at grade level after two months. The combination of a wonderful teacher at school, ILS, and help from his parents has increased his reading abilities in an amazing way. Will reads with confidence now and enjoys reading more. He doesn’t fidget as much as he used to and he listens and stays focused. Best of all, he loves it! It’s fun for him and he enjoys interacting with the coaches and teachers. They are so positive and encouraging. Thank you Integrated Learning Strategies!


In 2008, my son was entering the first grade. He had been in early intervention through the Davis School District as “Developmentally Delayed” since he was three years old. Kindergarten was a struggle but first grade had brought a whole different set of worries and concerns. He was last in his class in reading, struggled to complete simple instructions, writing was difficult, and auditory processing was very low.

I was desperate to find some help for my son and was introduced to ILS through a friend. He started weekly sessions with ILS, first focusing on left and right brain exercises and the listening music program.

Around the same time, I met with a therapist in Salt Lake that diagnosed him with an auditory processing disability and ADHD with anxiety.

After just a few weeks with ILS, I started to see dramatic differences in my son. Everything became easier for him. Alene and ILS continued to challenge him and find new methods to help him grow. He went from not being able to match sounds and letters to reading within just a few months. Over time, he went from being dead last in his class to working on grade level and in some areas working above grade level.

Alene was always kind, patient, and encouraging to him while maintaining total control of every session and stretching him in his academic abilities. Very difficult tasks became easier and easier for him as she gently pushed him forward.

When my son entered fourth grade, he was evaluated again by the Salt Lake doctor and found many of his severe struggles had miraculously disappeared. 100% of the credit goes to Alene and ILS for her knowledge of alternative methods in teaching and her commitment to helping him overcome his disabilities.

It’s been years since my son “graduated” from his tutoring sessions with Alene, but without hesitation, I give credit to his progress to time spent under the tutelage of Alene and the ILS program.


We started noticing a comprehension problem with Sami at the end of second grade, and getting no extra help in the school, we looked for other options. Sami worked with Alene at ILS for 18 months and now tells us about what she reads and is consistently scoring 90-100% on book comprehension tests at school. She was scoring 20-30% before working with Alene.

Alene discovered which part of comprehension our daughter was lacking in during the initial testing. We knew exactly where Sami had a problem, but didn’t know what to do. Alene labeled it as an auditory discrimination weakness. We started working with left and right brain exercises and then a music program that trained Sami to hear all the frequencies of sound. At the end of these two programs, she was already scoring higher on tests and her level of frustration had noticeably decreased. Then, we worked on comprehension skills. Alene was patient, kind, and positive with Sami. We feel fortunate to have found such a skilled, trained instructor. It has made a world of difference in Sami. She now has the skills to be successful at school and in life. Thanks Alene and ILS.


My grandson began working with ILS two years ago at age seven. At the time, he was diagnosed with Autism and was only speaking a few words, which were very hard to understand. He also had severe motor delays that made it difficult for him to integrate into a regular classroom. As a resolution, the school put him into the social skills class at school, which I didn’t think was enough to help him progress.

Meanwhile, I had another grandson who was working with a Primary Children’s Occupational Therapist. The therapist recommended we contact ILS and Alene, so I decided find out more about her program. After our discussion, I brought my autistic grandson in for an evaluation and started him in the program right away.

It has now been two years since the day we brought in my grandson for an evaluation and he has made tremendous progress. He is now speaking in full sentences and his cognitive thought processes are amazing! What is even more remarkable is that he is reading and spelling. His motor skills have taken giant leaps forward and he can now catch and throw a ball where he wants it to go (something that most children can do, but take for granted). At Cub Scouts, he plays with the other boys and loves it. With each new achievement, his teachers, leaders, friends, and family cannot believe this is the same child.

The most exciting development is that the school is now testing my grandson to be taken out of the Lifeskills class so they can integrate him into a regular classroom with minimal resource assistance.

Now that his skills have improved, he is also making progress in math because he understands words and instructions. We are looking forward to adding math tutoring to his summer schedule at ILS.

I cannot thank Alene and ILS enough for all the hard work they have done on behalf of my grandson. We still have a long way to go, but each day is a new development in our boy’s life!