I noticed that my daughter Abby was struggling in school from about first grade. We went to her teacher asking what we could do to help her in her reading. She gave us many handouts, extra homework, and Internet resources to try. We tried everything and nothing seemed to work. As parents, we were getting frustrated and concerned about Abby’s performance and self-esteem. Second grade came and still there was no help. I asked for her to be tested and the school said it could take up to 3 to 6 months to get her through all the hoops that were in place for their testing.

I decided I couldn’t wait a minute longer. I saw Abby retreat inside herself and it broke my heart. I made an appointment with ILS that week from the urging of my friend. I was amazed at the things that seemed so simple to me were actually hard for her. I knew that Abby needed help, but I needed someone to guide me through this uncharted territory I found myself in. Alene was amazing. She outlined everything for my husband and I. Alene gave us the confidence that finally we would be able to help our daughter succeed in her schooling. Abby was hesitant at first, but the tutors and Alene quickly put her fears to rest. Abby is now in third grade. Her confidence has grown immensely.

At parent teacher conference the teacher is amazed at the leaps and bounds of progress she has made. She is now asking questions in class and participating with confidence. She is a hard worker and even though I know she has come a long way and we still have a ways to go, Abby doesn’t get frustrated or withdrawn anymore. ILS has finally released the confidence I knew my daughter had all along. I am convinced that if we had not found ILS, I would still be up at night stressing about what I could do to help my daughter. I would recommend, and I have recommended this program, to anyone who has felt the same way. If you have similar struggles or concerns with your child, talk with ILS about it and find your answers from this amazing program. Thanks Alene!