In 2008, my son was entering the first grade. He had been in early intervention through the Davis School District as “Developmentally Delayed” since he was three years old. Kindergarten was a struggle but first grade had brought a whole different set of worries and concerns. He was last in his class in reading, struggled to complete simple instructions, writing was difficult, and auditory processing was very low.

I was desperate to find some help for my son and was introduced to ILS through a friend. He started weekly sessions with ILS, first focusing on left and right brain exercises and the listening music program.

Around the same time, I met with a therapist in Salt Lake that diagnosed him with an auditory processing disability and ADHD with anxiety.

After just a few weeks with ILS, I started to see dramatic differences in my son. Everything became easier for him. Alene and ILS continued to challenge him and find new methods to help him grow. He went from not being able to match sounds and letters to reading within just a few months. Over time, he went from being dead last in his class to working on grade level and in some areas working above grade level.

Alene was always kind, patient, and encouraging to him while maintaining total control of every session and stretching him in his academic abilities. Very difficult tasks became easier and easier for him as she gently pushed him forward.

When my son entered fourth grade, he was evaluated again by the Salt Lake doctor and found many of his severe struggles had miraculously disappeared. 100% of the credit goes to Alene and ILS for her knowledge of alternative methods in teaching and her commitment to helping him overcome his disabilities.

It’s been years since my son “graduated” from his tutoring sessions with Alene, but without hesitation, I give credit to his progress to time spent under the tutelage of Alene and the ILS program.