It’s important to remember no two students share the same strengths and weaknesses. To encourage higher achievement and aptitude, each student is engaged in training programs that build on the student’s strengths to improve specific areas in need of development. These research-based programs are dynamic, customized, and ever-changing to successfully target your child’s needs.

We know many children face academic development challenges that take many different forms. Our organization supports a wide range of students with mild to severe learning challenges from kids who need help with their study skills and homework.

If your child is struggling academically, you may notice one or more of the following:

  • My child is distracted or bothered by loud or sudden noises
  • My child displays behavior and performance issues at home or in school
  • My child’s behavior and performance improves in quieter settings
  • My child has difficulty following directions, whether simple or complicated
  • My child has reading, spelling, writing, or other learning difficulties
  • My child has trouble with verbal math problems
  • My child is disorganized and forgetful
  • Conversations are hard for my child to follow
Learning Disabilities (ADD, ADHD, Autism)

Has your child been diagnosed with Autism, Dyslexia, ADD, or ADHD? If so, you may feel overwhelmed with finding the right solution to help your child succeed in school and in society. If you are a parent who has a child struggling with these learning disabilities, there is no need to become overly frustrated or upset. There are many solutions to alleviate those frustrations so you can continue to build a relationship with your child rather than becoming even more discouraged. Many programs help children with these challenges not only function in the mainstream with other children, but they can also help them improve their grades, strengthen relationships with teachers and other students, and in some cases, may eliminate additional school assistance (for example, resource, speech and language therapy, and other special needs programs).

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