Programs and Training


How long will my child be at Integrated Learning Strategies (ILS)?

ILS understands parents and children have very busy schedules and time is limited. Because each child’s needs are different depending on the kind of assistance needed, a customized plan is discussed with you and implemented before your child begins to determine the number of sessions your child needs. Unlike other organizations, ILS does not have a set number of sessions. At each level of the program, your child is evaluated to determine his or her progress and if additional help is needed. Our goal and objective is to ensure your child progresses to the academic level that is comfortable for you and your child. Our organization believes in sustained progress over longer periods of time if necessary rather than speeding through the process or restricting their level of development due to a limited number of sessions.
What programs do you use at ILS?

ILS does not focus on one specific program to help children with their academic progress. In fact, we have developed and created our own customized programs from researched-based studies and certified training techniques that provide each student with holistic academic achievement.
What kind of training do the instructors have at ILS?

ILS instructors are trained and certified in our organization’s instructional techniques to ensure your child receives an exceptional learning experience during each session. Many of our trained instructors that work with students in more specialized areas (such as reading, writing, comprehension, and math) have advanced educational degrees in addition to our training and certification.
My child already received a school assessment. What makes the ILS assessment different?

The ILS personalized assessment is one of the most important aspects of determining what programs your child needs to enhance and improve his or her educational aptitude. Our assessment provides you with an overall look at your child’s academic strengths and weaknesses.


Attendance and Cost


When does my child have to come for their coaching sessions?

Depending on availability, and to accommodate each parent and student, ILS works with parents to determine the best schedule for their child. While after school hours are offered, some students are scheduled during day-time hours for more in-depth assistance.
What does it cost to begin my child at ILS?

Because each child’s academic development and learning plan is different, ILS pricing varies depending on what your child needs. Please discuss pricing with the ILS specialist about payment and plan options.