Because every child is different and has a unique set of academic needs, no one program is a “one size fits all.” That is why ILS uses qualified, trained professionals to help your child’s academic development.

For more information, please review our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). To speak with an ILS specialist, please email info@ilslearning.com or call (801) 390-0091.

First Steps

Online Assessment

To enroll your child in ILS, please complete and submit our online assessment form. Our assessment form allows our organization to determine the academic level of your child and what programs and coaching assistance that is right for you and your child. The assessment also provides us with developmental information critical to the parental meeting initiated after the assessment is complete.

Parent Meeting

After the online assessment is received, an ILS specialist will contact you to discuss the online assessment and the academic assistance your child may need. If you have not heard from an ILS specialist within a few days, please email info@ilslearning.com or contact us at (801) 390-0091.

Testing Evaluation

When you have talked with an ILS specialist, your child will be invited to our facility for a testing evaluation. The evaluation takes approximately two hours and includes a series of tests to determine your child’s level of academic development and what programs may assist with their growth and learning. At least one parent must be in attendance during the evaluation.

Post-Evaluation Meeting

The results of each student evaluation are discussed with parents prior to the evaluation. At that time, the ILS specialist provides recommendations, instructor choices, and a learning plan that fits the child’s needs in coordination with the results of the evaluation.

Next Steps

Scheduling and Attendance

Now that your child has completed his or her evaluation and is ready to begin, we’d like to say congratulations and welcome aboard! One of our ILS specialists will contact you to discuss scheduling and attendance.

ILS understands parents and children have very busy schedules and time is limited. Depending on availability, and to accommodate each parent and student, ILS works with parents to determine the best schedule for their child. While after school hours are offered, some students are scheduled during day-time hours for more in-depth assistance.


Because each child’s academic development and learning plan is different, ILS pricing varies depending on what your child needs. Please discuss pricing with your ILS specialist about payment and plan options.