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When a child has poor core muscle strength or delayed milestones, it could affect their overall learning readiness. Kids who have poor muscle tone may lay on their desk at school, can't copy notes from the chalkboard, and may fidget or struggle to attend and focus. If a child experiences any delays in these areas, there could be gaps in learning. How to help a child struggling in these areas.

Why the brain needs the body to "fuel" a child's learning development. How purposeful movement activities can support learning readiness.

How purposeful movement anchors learning development. Learning growth begins in the lower levels of the brain to support the higher centers of the brain.

How the Integrated Movement Activity Center can help "awaken" the brain for better learning in the home and classroom.

The 4 Foundational Cornerstones for a child's learning readiness.

Activities like the Wall Toss require the child to use timing and rhythm, hand-eye coordination and proprioception to complete the exercise successfully. The child must know how hard or how soft to throw the ball to the wall to get it back in their hands. In addition the child must track and watch the ball as it bounces from the wall to their hands so they can catch it appropriately. These types of activities can help kids track words across the page, write their numbers and letters, improve attention and focus and strengthen their handwriting development. For more details, visit ilslearningcorner.com.

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Fox 13 Salt Lake City – Interview

Video of Active Learning Strategies Interview with Fox 13.

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